Broke + Ugly (EP)

by Nathaniel Dobies

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Recorded over a two month period in a bedroom + in an empty garage, "Broke + Ugly" is a mawkish stand-alone preview into next years full length album "Please Abandon Your Bay".

Very headphone friendly, probably pretty bass heavy, + a great gift for a friend who likes acoustic songs that get loud + then quiet again! Thank you + enjoy :)


released November 20, 2015

Nathaniel Dobies: Guitars, Bass, "Drums", Vocals, + all other sounds

Paige Chaplin: Guitar + Vocals on 'So Many Voices' + beginning voicemail

"Flash"mixed by Matthew Pelsma

Thank you to my Mom, Brother, Paige, Matt, Sarah, Dean, Kevin, Alan, Jimmy, Emma, Joey, Jess, Trenton, my roommates Chelsea + Natalie, my boss Jeff, Morgan for selling me his bass, Apple, my neighbors, all the random truck drivers in the background, my dogs, + to you for supporting my need to express myself through some tunes! I hope they help :)



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Nathaniel Dobies Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: We Are:
*voicemail words*
Track Name: Too Much Pop Punk
There's a man who smokes outside of his house,
and I can smell him a few blocks down,
but that's fine because it reminds me of my brother,
which is fine 'cause it takes my mind off this fucking summer

The second album you ever bought was mine,
and the first love you kept is still on your mind,
and that's fine 'cause it's more honest than the others,
which is why I'm finding it hard not to fall in love here

I'm slowly building trust,
a little slower than the cardinals turn to rust,
and it seems like forever,
but eventually is always sooner than we thought

It's fine if you've got me where you want me,
'cause lately I've been full on lost,
and that's most likely only exactly what you want,
I have trouble staying thoughtful but please keep me still

I've been listening to too much pop punk,
I've been keeping too many thoughts bottled up again,
If I could shoot myself off like a Roman candle,
I'd smudge geography and I'd be more than you can handle,
I could be more,
I could
Track Name: The Gulf of California
There are things we're not gonna know,
how many kids we'll have,
Are we gonna take things fast?
and if so well I'll move to North Dakota

At 12 years old I was knee-deep in the Gulf of California,
too afraid to ride a horse home with all the others,
so on my way back I learned a lot about myself,
I am too concerned with how things might turn out

Let's go down to the Yuba where I found myself with my friends and my family,
I wanna sink deep,
grab the rocks,
forget to breathe,
and freeze in the dark below

I take chemicals in a country we are not familiar with,
too many died for my right to get high and then,
overthink about someone,
about how good it once was,
and though we're just friends,
it's been still nice to show up

Let's go down to the Yuba where I found myself with my friends and my family,
I wanna sink deep,
grab the rocks,
forget to breathe,
and freeze in the calm below

At the age of 9 I knew we die and there is no way to escape,
I was taught to try, reach for the sky, and give in to faith,
But I learn a different way,
it's spend instead of pay,
but either way,
it was still nice to get to know ya
Track Name: So Many Voices (Paige Chaplin)
If you can run,
I can run too,
Faster than you knew,
Try to catch me now

If you can fly,
I can fly too,
Smoother than you hoped,
and lower than you know

'cause I read the note,
I heard what you had to say,
I let it go too,
But it's not the same

You said you didn't like my touch,
Or that you felt the love us,
And it's true I never grew,
And that you need to grow too,
So tell me what am I supposed to do,
I've heard so many choices,
From so many voices,
Saying "Go",
But don't you dare go
Track Name: Too Long
I was in the front seat screaming at the top of my lungs,
No ones around so you can’t tell me that I’m wrong,
The neighbors heard it at it’s peak,
When all I want and what I seek,
Came pouring out of all of me,
I held it for too long.

We were by the old dam counting every where we could hide,
And everything we knew we saw in each other,
Why play it safe when we don't have the time?,
If it doesn't work out at least we got these two right

Now you're already gone,
You were something that I lost last week,
And now I'm thinking to myself,
Where did I go wrong?

You were in the bedsheets killing every song you could sing,
One of those times where I knew things were perfect,
Wrapped and content,
Though we sounded like death,
If we don’t have it now at least we had it back then

Yesterday you were kinda upset 'cause you feel like you could do more. Everyone does that's why there's so many drugs to suppress our need to explore.

Now you're already gone,
You were something that I lost last week,
And now I'm thinking to myself,
Where did I go wrong?

One day I hope you find yourself nervous at my front door,
Continuing with this honesty,
We could've been much more
Track Name: Way Over 80
That's me hopped up on energy drinks,
Swearing I'm seeing things and prone to overthink,
Driving 2am on a straight away,
Going way over 80 through Utah trying to stay awake,
I'm trying not to think of my friends,
'cause if I turn around now it's only 14 hours back to them,
Lost a part of my life to a lesser man,
But then again I left the ones I love to learn a lesson that

Things are all right where I am,
And they don't always go as planned

That's me staring at a screen,
Swear I'm gonna get this right or feel better by buying things,
Never one to put up a fight,
I need to know a place I can go just to feel alive,
I spent two nights sweating it out,
Discipline was easier with nobody else around,
It's been awhile since I wrote a song,
It's been a few weeks,
I think things are going alright 'cause...

Things are all right where I am,
And you describe us as my hands,
Things were shaky at first,
But confident when it counts,
Inside you're never reserved,
But covered up when you're out

I won’t pretend that I'm dying
I won’t let it take me out,
Don’t forgive me for not trying,
‘cause I want all to have what I have now

That's me coughing my soul out,
At a nervous pace to estimate what you wanna talk about,
A conversation that's building fear,
That if I lived a little closer,
We'd have a much bigger problem here

I won't consume myself to stardom,
I won't let you touch the ground,
I won't give into my hard heartedness,
'cause if it's not lost, it can't be found,
And if I'm not lost, I can't be found,
I'm pretty sure we're all.